Ferrario Master Oil 60 ml
Oil Master Ferrario oil colors 60 ml -

Ferrario Master Oil 60 ml

The Oil Master series has been designed for those who want to approach the oil painting technique. The slightly more "buttery" consistency and soft make it easier to brush even for less experienced users and allow excellent results to be obtained. The selection of the pigments was made in order to have the lowest cost and good quality. The colors are perfectly mixable with each other and their coloring strength is comparable to that of more precious materials. The 3 primary colors of the range are an excellent teaching tool for learning the theory of color composition. Oil Master consists of 50 colors with a single price in the 60, 150 and 500 ml formats. THINNING Linseed oil, turpentine, oil essence. MAIN SUPPORTS Canvas, cardboard, paper, wood. TOOL CLEANING Turpentine, Oil essence.

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