Ferrario Van Dyck Oil 60 ml
Van Dyck Ferrario oil colors 60 ml -

Ferrario Van Dyck Oil 60 ml

The historic range of Ferrario with 87 normal and 6 metallic colors. Generations of artists have tried their hand at these colors since the 1920s. The dough is thick and greasy and the colors are strong and decisive. The selected pigments offer good resistance over time and a very high yield. The 3 primary colors of the series, tested by professionals, were considered among the best oil colors in the mixes for purity and intensity of the colors obtained. The entire Van Dyck range, sold in a single price, has one of the best quality / price ratios for those who do not want to spend a lot without giving up the result and is available in the 20 and 60 ml format in the characteristic copper-colored tube. a selection of colors in the 150 ml tube and in the 500 ml jar. THINNING Linseed oil, turpentine, oil essence. MAIN SUPPORTS Canvas, cardboard, paper, wood. TOOL CLEANING Turpentine, Oil essence.

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