Etching & Drypoint Needles
Etching and Drypoint Needles –

Etching & Drypoint Needles

In our store you'll find a wide range of steel needles used etch zinc and copper plates. The shapes used and the particular angles of the sharpening, initially inspired by the most ancient techniques and classical tradition, make these tools ideal for drypoint and etching techniques. Moreover, given the detail possibility that can be achieved, they are also widely used for embossed engraving, ceramics and sculpture.
Main features: range of sharp etching needles manufactured with hardened steel and firmly embedded in a wooden handle.
The tip, by scratching the metal, creates a groove and raises up small, fine pieces of metal on both sides of the scored line called “burr” which holds additional ink during the printing process and gives the lines a velvety or fuzzy texture.
- made of tempered steel to ensure an excellent wear resistance.
- ideal for printmaking techniques (drypoint and etching).

Made in Italy.

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