Daler-Rowney Graduated Acrylic 500 ml
Daler-Rowney Graduated Acrylic Colors 500 ml

Daler-Rowney Graduated Acrylic 500 ml

Daler-Rowney Graduate Acrylic Colors 500 ml New Graduate Acrylics line offers a range of acrylic colors at good prices. This range contains strong and bright colors with excellent coverage. They can be used for painting on paper, cardboard or canvas, indoors or out and with different acrylic mediums, available from Daler-Rowney. Color gamut contains 48 shades, including metallic colors. Graduated acrylic paints are produced with high quality pigments and cover paper and other prepared surfaces very well. They are made from water and contain no solvents. Colors are classified as non-hazardous for use according to EC regulations. The advantage of acrylic paints, and the reason why they are used in schools and creative works, and their rapid drying. Almost immediately after class he can dry and put away the painting, and if water is poured on the dried painting, the colors will not stain. They are fast drying, durable and resistant, and therefore the painting will last a long time. Paper or canvas painted with Graduate acrylic paints can be wrapped softly and stored without fear of cracking.

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