Charbonnel Intaglio Etching Inks 800 ml
Charbonnel chalcographic inks, 800 ml jar -

Charbonnel Intaglio Etching Inks 800 ml

The range of Charbonnel inks is carefully developed in the company laboratories to obtain a quality that meets the expectations, even the most demanding, of our customers and to offer a balanced and complete color chart. The inks of this range give power, ease of drying, resistance to light to guarantee the permanence of the works. The color coded system also features metallic shades (gold and silver). The 58 colors of the intaglio ink are composed of micronized pigments, embedded in a binder, a polymerized linseed oil. The colors are miscible into each other. Preferably, they are applied on steel or zinc plates. To be sure of a perfect drying of the ink, it is advisable to wait a fortnight.

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