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The artisan manufacturing of professional etching presses started in 1997, with the first model of professional etching press with gear and printing bed of 52x100 cm, from a project by Carmelo RENDA, then a recent graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Reggio di Calabria, Italy.

Thanks to the digital revolution and the professional opportunities offered by the internet, in 2001 "Calcografia.it" was created, the e-commerce designed by Carmelo RENDA to promote his artisan manufacturing of etching presses.

Over the years, the range of his etching presses has expanded with other two models: the professional etching press with reduction gear and printing bed of 73x140 cm and, a third model, without gear, with printing bed of 42x85 cm (which, in the last years, has been replaced by the model without gear and with printing bed of 52x100 cm).

The number of customers began to increase gradually, both in Italy and abroad and our etching presses began to travel reaching private customers or art schools in Malta, Ireland, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Norway, United States , etc.

Subsequently, the range of art material was extended first to etching items and, slowly, also to other Fine Arts items, such as: oil colours, acrylics, mediums, easels, canvases, brushes, etc.

Currently, our range of professional etching presses can be consulted in the specific category available at the following link: PROFESSIONAL ETCHING PRESSES

We are always looking to find the best solutions to satisfy even the most demanding customers, therefore, the range of our items is constantly updated. Furthermore, if you are looking for an item that is not already available online, please do not hesitate to contact us, if possible, we'll be happy to deliver even orders on request.

Calcografia.it - the e-commerce dedicated to the art materials supply, born from the passion for art and managed with professionalism, seriousness, commitment and quality of the products offered.

Our team

Currently, the store is managed by Carmelo Renda and Ana-Maria Badea Renda.

Carmelo still manages the production process of the etching presses, as well as all related technical and commercial assistance. Furthermore, he is always engaged in searching for new suppliers in order to be able to offer quality products at competitive prices.

As for the management of the orders, shipments, part of the commercial correspondence and Digital Media Strategy, since 2005, Carmelo has also involved Ana-Maria, who has also contributed to the creation of other language versions of the e-commerce, especially in Romanian and English, thanks to her experience as a translator.

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